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“The supervisor that worked on my house did a terrific job. He was thorough and prompt about emails and updates. They charged a fair market-value price. Plus, Top Hat went way out of their way to ensure that the work done by a previous contractor was up to standards.”

– Tracey M., Upper Westside Coop Owner

Project Management

One of the benefits Top Hat clients enjoy is superior project management. We will supervise vendors of your choice or help you select among our list of handpicked professionals.

As project manager, we coordinate all orders, deliveries, and vendor or supplier billing. If there are problems, they are ours, not yours. We represent your interests in every way, ensuring that a job is completed according to the specifications of your contract and in keeping with Top Hat’s high standards.

Top Hat is known for running projects smoothly. However, even when tackling seemingly simple tasks, unforeseen problems can occur, especially in older buildings. Richard and his staff’s innovative thinking can cure almost any ill. He is unique in the building industry and is often called in to consult on complex construction jobs. Richard’s know-how and integrity assure that your project is managed to perfection.

Whether you want to upgrade your electrical wiring or plumbing, lay new floors or carpets, apply a new coat of paint, or completely rebuild, you can rely on Top Hat to make sure the job is done properly and efficiently.